Dumfries House Bed

All images courtesy of Dumfries House Trust


Following the rescue of the house and its contents by HRH The Prince of Wales, we were commissioned to restore the Chippendale bed to the original concept. This is shown in the first picture in the series below taken from Chippendale's Director.


The bed had undergone alterations, redecorations and changes over the decades. When it arrived at our workshop it had the later valances and painted and gilded carving. The fabric was carefully removed and kept. Working closely with Annabel Westman, our repairs to the structure and the carving had to be done in such a way so that the new hangings could be reinstated to the original design. The fabric covered carving is pine; the posts are mahogany. There were many losses to the pine carving and the two bolt covers were missing. Referring to original drawings, new bolt covers were designed and carved. Repairs to the dome and new carving, which was all to be covered with the blue damask, had to be very smooth because any imperfections would show through the silk.


After repairs to the bed structure were completed we drew new valances based on Chippendale's design.  


Undertaken by: Carvers & Gilders, Ian Block of AT Cronin (upholstery), Annabel Westman (oversaw the whole project)

Commissioned by: Dumfries House Trust