Carvers & Gilders aim to operate in an environmentally responsible way, to be constantly aware of the environment and to create a safe, positive working environment for our employees, thus hoping to enhance our local community.

The very nature of our work is conservation and restoration for continued use. We prefer methods and materials that have a low impact to help make our environmental footprint as small as possible.

Materials, energy and fuel must be used efficiently, emissions reduced where possible and waste re-used and recycled. As we are a very small company, each member is able to be aware of all aspects of the business and can bring new ideas to the workplace easily.

Particular attention is paid to sustainability for timber sources. Moss & Co is our usual supplier and they are members of the Timber Trade Federation and Royal Warrant holders. We use reclaimed timber where possible.

We are committed to continuous environmental improvement.

We aim to reduce our environmental impact over time by monitoring work practices, discussing progress at our weekly meetings and setting review dates and targets.